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Turn Around Services

Each time SGI has been engaged to manage an existing hotel, the property has been an underperforming asset. As a result the company has become a specialist in improving the operational and financial results of underachieving hotels.


We focus on increasing revenues, reducing expenses and adding value through the strategic property improvements. By doing so, we are able to reposition an underperforming hotel to a much stronger position in its market. The team starts running audits throughout all the departments as well as interviews with employees and guests to identify the weakest operational points. Then, we create a strategy with action plans to change the current situation along with a timing schedule and new forecasted figures. SGI also focuses on the cost side of the business, adding its expertise to optimize and reduce significantly the expenses around the property withou affecting the quality of the product nor the service provided to guests.   


We always seek ways to create additional value through property improvement. We have developed a special talent for converting non-income producing areas in a hotel into income generators. 

In each case we evaluate the cost benefit of any possible investment and also evaluate sources of funding other than additional capital contribution from owners.


We are able to design and implement a cost effective plan to enhance performance and value of the hotel. We do so by using the appropriate combination of the operational and development services already outlined in this section of our website.


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