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Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

SGI creates and executes specific sales, marketing, public relations and revenue management plans for hotels with a single objective in mind: to fill every available hotel room at the best rate possible in order to secure a higher market share. By doing so, it can increase revenue, realize a higher profit margin and therefore produce a better return on the hotel’s invested capital.

As a part of our planning, we realize that hotel markets continually change and evolve. Accordingly, SGI stays focused and flexible in its approach to the correct product positioning and sales and marketing program for each hotel operation. Constantly changing market factors, including outside economic forces, shifts in supply and demand causing changing competitive pressures, fluctuating monetary exchange rates, weather conditions, changes in the availability and cost of air and other modes of travel, negative changes relative to security, health and safety issues to mention a few issues, can influence a property's sales success and as a result constantly forces the need to reevaluate and retarget a asset's sales and marketing position and efforts. This is an extremely critical, very complex and ongoing process.

Besides being focused and flexible, SGI is proactive rather than passive in its approach to the marketing and sales of a hotel.  We do not wait for clients to find our hotels. We seek out clients and through various tools and techniques we convince them to stay in our hotels. We don’t merely take orders from customers, but instead use every means available to successfully sell our product and fill our hotel rooms.

Some of the tools and procedures that we use are as follows:


>Develop and implement a tailored Sales, Marketing and Public Relations plan that optimizes resources and exceeds fair market share in comparison to the hotel’s competitive set

>Coordinate advertising, promotional, public relations, marketing and e-commerce activities in accordance with the plan

>Attend relevant industry trade shows and industry conferences in cost effective manner

>Provide sales and marketing training at regular sales meetings Provide tools and systems for effective tracking and implementation of various sales programs

>Review and approve specific marketing strategies, programs, and print materials

>Produce monthly sales reports and track against budget

>Provide and secure group and individual sales leads

>Assist in recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training of sales staff

>Communicate on behalf of the hotel to clients via a mix of traditional and modern techniques.

>Utilize powerful online channels and keep up to date and adapt as they constantly evolve.

>Provide tools and systems for effective tracking and implementation of programs

>Review and assess monthly sales reports

>Participate in key sales related organizations

>Develop and manage the hotel’s database

>Manage Press relations and distribution

>Develop, implement and track customer retention initiates

>Create and promote events and packages to attract clients

>Develop, implement and monitor a targeted revenue management program for the hotel and use all available tools, knowledge and experience to optimize its impact on revenue.


SGI’s sales experience not only comes from its experience with its managed hotels, but also through the company’s creation of their own sales and marketing representation company known as Luxury Lifestyle Hotels and Resorts. SGI created this company in 2004, built it into a successful brand and sales representation Consortia Company representing over 100 hotels in 13 countries and then sold the company in 2009.

The company has also managed hotels that were a part of other similar sales consortiums such as Leading Hotels of the World, Relais & Château, Preferred Hotels, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Époque Hotels, Design Hotels and Virtuoso.

As a result of our extensive experience and insider knowledge in this field, SGI is extremely proficient at maximizing the benefits that can be gained from hotel sales consortia while being able to greatly reduce their effective cost.

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