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Pre-Opening Services

Pre-opening services include the following vital activities: 

>Make sure that all elements of the physical product is complete and operational.

>Prepare pre-opening business plan.

>Develop a pre-opening budget.

>Secure sufficient market data with regard to the hotel’s competitive set, seasonal of other factors that influence rate and occupancy and develop and establish appropriate rate strategies.

>Create and implement pre-opening sales, marketing and public relations action plans.

>Initiate pre-sales through the hotel sales team, third party sales agents, the hotel web site, other E-commerce resources and through any participation in hotel brand or sales consortiums.

>Recruit, select and train management and staff.

>Establish and implement all standards operating procedures including health, safety and emergency procedures, management reporting systems, employee benefits programs, etc.

>Select the hotel’s  Management information, IT  and communication systems and train personnel on proper use.

>Establish detailed goals, objectives and action plans for all departments.

>Create and implement soft opening strategy as appropriate. 

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